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The Falcon is a Gold Coast based digital marketing & design agency that prides itself on helping business owners acquire marketing results easier.

The same old story

Even with the internet and ever-changing digital marketing strategies, the majority of marketing agencys are always out to benefit themselves the most - not the actual business owners or the end customers who purchase the goods & services.

Common agency problems
conflicting goals
a lack of transparency
unfair contracts
The reality is that the majority of marketing agencies are fundamentally broken as a result of their business model.

So how are we different?

Modern agencies and freelancing services may have helped improve things a little, but they haven't put much effort into improving their client's results or experience.

So how do we help business owners get access to better quality marketing services and avoid becoming just another marketing agency?

The answer is simple: We work with less clients but focus on aligning performance incentives directly with our clients and their business objectives.

"The more money we make our clients the happier they are; it's that straightforward."

Sam Brown.
Co-founder @ The Falcon

"No hassle, no endless back-and-forth. It's as simple as a conversation to get going."

Jake Gryparis.
Co-founder @ The Falcon
Meet the founders

We started The Falcon to become the agency we wish we could have worked with.

We thought about all the stuff we hated about dealing with digital marketing agencies and worked backwards. It turns out, they really do make everything too complicated and there are thousands of business owners like us, who just want results and don't want to spend their lives micromanaging every project.

Fast facts

Here's how we make your life easier

We ignore trends and buzzwords

We're able to get you results up to twice as fast as other agencies thanks to our commitment to proven marketing methods.

We treat your time with respect

You'll always be given expected project delivery turnaround times and know what happens next at every stage of the process.

We provide you with options upfront

Choose what works best for you and your company with upfront options and add on marketing packages.

We help your team do their job easier

Your team will be kept in the loop at every step of the way so you don't have to constantly give them updates yourself.

We only focus on results

Any good marketing agency can sell you services. Very few can actually translate those services into tangible results that directly help you grow.

We deliver quality projects

Our team have produced more than 287 projects for small businesses in Australia meaning we know exactly what works and what doesn't.

Our goals

Outcomes we want to help you achieve

More time for yourself

We take care of the time consuming projects your business needs so you can free up your time and spend it with friends & family or on your hobbies.

an even better lifestyle

Who doesn't want more flexible working arrangements, and to be able to experience new things without having to worry about the business falling apart.

more time for rewarding opportunities

Marketing your business shouldn't be a challenging, miserable process. We give you quick, straightforward results so you can get bigger wins & rewards.

less business related stress

In our experience, building a business means a lot of good days and a lot of tough days. We help you get more good days and minimise the bad ones.


Curently open positions

We're always interested in working with new talent.

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97.5% of our clients make a return of more than 3x their investment within the first month of working with us.