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The Falcon is an Australian marketing company that specialises in assisting  companies operating with a service-based business model.

The same old story

Even with the internet and ever-changing digital marketing strategies, the majority of marketing agencys are always out to benefit themselves the most - not the actual business owners or the end customers who purchase the goods & services.

Common agency problems
conflicting goals
a lack of transparency
unfair contracts
The reality is that the majority of marketing agencies are fundamentally broken as a result of their business model.

So how are we different?

Modern agencies and freelancing services may have helped improve things a little, but they haven't put much effort into improving their client's results or experience.

So how do we help business owners get access to better quality marketing services and avoid becoming just another marketing agency?

The answer is simple: We work with less clients but focus on aligning performance incentives directly with our clients and their business objectives.

A simple graph representing how our company works with clients. The graph also compares our competitors.

"The more money we make our clients the happier they are; it's that straightforward."

Sam Brown.
Head of Marketing

"No hassle, no endless back-and-forth. It's as simple as a conversation to get going."

Jake Gryparis.
Head of Design
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