Leadify acquired a 417% increase in organic leads.

How Australia's fastest growing lead generation agency continues to profitably attract new clients.
Queensland, Australia


In the last four years, Leadify has grown from a staff of five into one of Australia's largest lead generation agencies, employing more than 19 full-time lead generation specialists and servicing over 130 firms.

In the lead generation industry, achieving that kind of growth hasn't been easy for owner and entrepreneur Reuben Scheckter.

After getting his start in the industry after successfully generating solar leads in large quantities, Reuben knew first-hand that his own company's success would rely upon a steady stream of qualified leads coming in fast, every week, without fail.

Reuben told us that he needed a way to consistently attract and convert website and landing page traffic into new leads and customers, without needing to increase his advertising spend on paid advertising networks.

The problem was, that while generating leads for his company's clients via online paid advertising was extremely effective, the competition in his own industry was reaching insane levels. Reuben and his team knew that for them to continue growing they would have to get strategic and invest in additional marketing channels.

Leadify had to deal with generating high-quality leads for their clients whilst making sure they were generating enough new business for their agency so they could continue expanding.

Challenges included:

  • Extremely active, wealthy competition
  • Minimal website traffic and limited organic leads
  • Limited Google search visibility with very few keyword rankings bringing in new leads and customers
  • A traditionally confusing service and product offering for new customers to understand if they haven't purchased leads before


In the early days of Leadify, when it was still called Cobra Digital, Reuben focused on making sure his sales techniques could close just about anyone from any industry or background. 

But he still needed a way for the company to generate internal leads on auto-pilot without his direct involvement if he was going to expand the sales department and grow the business. 

Recognising this challenge and the potential for even more growth, Reuben collaborated closely with members of The Falcon to conduct a full website, internal lead generation and SEO overhaul for Leadify.

Solutions included:

  • Service offering optimisations
  • A revamped website to educate new prospects
  • Internal landing pages specific to each profitable lead type
  • SEO campaigns to drive qualified organic leads on auto-pilot.
  • Custom lead generation funnels and niche sub-brands


Leadify saw the value of their investments right away thanks to simplifying their value proposition and communicating their benefits on customer-facing marketing assets. Their new website and landing pages all concentrated on solving specific challenges for certain types of lead buyers and cutting away any fluff. And as the SEO campaigns kicked in, Leadify and its team saw compounding results in the form of new sales enquiries and a high volume of qualified leads.

Leadify now also benefits from results including:

  • A 417% increase in organic leads.
  • Landing page conversion rates are as high as 14.3%.
  • Over 490,000 Google search impressions in 16 months.
  • Millions of dollars in extra revenue were added through organic search marketing campaigns and conversion rate optimisation (CRO).
  • First-page Google rankings for revenue-generating phrases like "buy solar leads", "buy auto loan leads", "buy business loan leads", and ten other profitable types of leads.

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