Platinum Aquatics achieved a 233% increase in leads.

New customers are now booked roughly six months in advance.
Platinum Aquatics
Queensland, Australia
B2B & B2C
We worked closely with the Platinum Aquatics team to deliver a custom high-converting website to help increase the quantity of new leads the business gets throughout the year.


When the Platinum Aquatics owners reach out to us in late 2021, they were thrilled to hear that we could take the lead on building their new website. Through our discovery process, we found that the team was facing a few hidden challenges that we could help with:

Leaving money on the table

After speaking with the owners of the company it was clear that they felt like their website was outdated and hard to find online. The owners told us they also felt like their website was the weakest part of their marketing efforts. They weren't seeing results from their website basically.

Lack of online qualified leads

The owners knew that people were visiting their old website thanks to their website analytics but rarely saw those visitors translate into online customer enquiries. The bulk of their business was coming from referrals and networking with people in person. The owners were good at selling their services but were held back by a limited online presence.

Frustrating quoting experience

The company was starting to lose significant money to the traditional quoting process. As the team had earned a strong reputation, they were often referred to by previous clients. This led to a significant amount of the team's limited time and energy going towards quoting potential prospects who were still in the early stages of evaluating their options and not yet ready to buy.


Specialising in websites for service-based businesses with high-profit margins, digital marketing agency The Falcon uses a unique but proven methodology to get its clients better returns from their website and online marketing investments. After our team explained the process and what types of outcomes they could expect, the Platinum Aquatics team were 100% onboard. The team was excited to see what we could help their business achieve.

A simplified mockup of the new lead generation quiz.
A preview of recently completed pools built by Platinum Aquatics now featured on their new website.

High-converting lead generation quiz

The first thing The Falcon marketing team took care of was identifying the Platinum Aquatics' existing lead-to-sale process. The process involved asking everyone at the company how their typical quoting process worked so we could mockup potential customer journey scenarios and look for kinks in the sales pipeline. We then worked to simplify and automate the process using a custom lead generation quiz built to automatically qualify leads and send the lead's contact details to the company's administration team for further qualification.

Professional website photography

The Falcon also engaged the services of its creative media partner, Clik Visual, to help attract higher-quality customers to the business. Clik Visual took our brief and working closely with the client, was able to create beautiful photos of past residential and commercial projects to feature throughout the new website.

"Professional photography can often be overlooked in product and service-based businesses. Much like providing a high-quality service to clients and customers, brand imagery should also reflect that. Seeing our work seamlessly become a piece of the puzzle in the Platinum Aquatics project truly showed us that high-end images can transform how customers and clients feel about your business and its services."

- Ben Lukas, Clik Visual.

High-converting business website

Our web design and marketing specialsits also worked closely with the Platinum Aquatics team to simplify their service offerings into distinct categories, allowing potential prospects to find the information that was relevant to them before converting into an educated lead. The Falcon also built the new business website to show up online whenever a customer searches for Platinum Aquatics and its services in an eligible service area.


Its a night and day difference when you compare the old Platinum Aquatics website to the new website in marketing performance. The business continues to exceed previous sales records. When we last checked in with the owners, they were happy to tell us that their new pool builds are booked out roughly six months in advance and they were looking to hire more staff to deal with the increased demand.

  • 233% increase in organic leads
  • New leads qualified in under 1 minute 30 seconds
  • 2+ hours saved per each quote request 
  • Improved online search engine visibility
  • Sales pipeline filled six months in advance

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