Purnell Tyres gained a 10x increase in local marketshare.

This automotive business continues to quickly grow online.
Purnell Tyres
Queensland, Australia.
Showcasing a preview of the brand's customer facing overhaul designed to help take premium customers away from the competition.


Before working with The Falcon, Purnell Tyres struggled with brand awareness and getting found by ideal customers. The business also wrestled with other challenges such as:

Steep local and online competition

With costs of everything from staff to marketing drastically rising in recent years, it is no secret that it is exceedingly difficult to catch up to entrenched competitors in competitive marketplaces.

A lack of an online store

Scott and his team were selling online via 3rd party marketplaces, but this was extremely time-consuming to manage and significantly hindered overall profitability. The company identified the competitive edge of having a custom store built into their new website, allowing Purnell Tyres to offer thousands of products and take custom orders all in one spot.

Hours wasted daily going back and forth with customers

Before the new website, the only way for customers to effectively make product or service enquiries was to drive to the store or call the front desk. During busy store periods, this was frustrating for everyone involved. And as the company started to grow, there became a point where answering customer enquiries the old school way limited top-line revenue growth and slowed down the sales process.

Customers unable to research online

Customers were also frustrated that simple questions involving opening hours, inventory availability and service offering details were hard to find. Awareness of other products services the business sold was poor. Apart from selling wheels and tyres, the company also offered wheel repairs, second-hand wheel packages, suspension upgrades, body kits, paint & panel, tinting, exhaust systems, guard rolling and mechanical work.

Marketing challenges

With so many marketing options readily available, it can be an extremely frustrating and expensive experience for businesses. Purnell Tyres found marketing itself a tedious process and knew there had to be a better way without investing large amounts of money into a paid advertising campaign online. The company produced high-quality content but struggled to get found by search engines and buyers.

Branding challenges

Initially, the company improvised its branding and marketing materials to keep marketing costs down. This approach led to inconsistencies with the company's image and created problems attracting high-end customers. The brand no longer matched the quality of the business. And it was clear that Purnell Tyres desperately needed a brand overhaul to compete with online giants in the market and bring down cost-per-acquisition costs.


After identifying key issues hindering overall marketing performance, Purnell Tyres decided to give The Falcon the green light to design and develop a custom website with the goal of increasing service appointments and online sales enquiries. The Falcon also recommended a custom logo and branding package to overhaul the marketing collateral for the business.

Web design concepts showcasing how the new website responds to different customer devices.
This project involved assisting the client with a complex website backend to help increase online sales and reduce the client's ongoing web development costs.
Our design team also helped the automotive company give their customer facing assets a facelift.
Project deliverables:
  • A custom business website
  • Overhauled business branding
  • Professional marketing collateral and signage
  • Optimised Google My Business (GMB) listing
  • Optimised business directory listings
  • Optimised product and service pages
  • Custom user-friendly product filtering system (tool) so customers can easily find wheel and tyre options to suit their car based on make and model


With the new website and company branding overhaul, the Purnell Tyres team saw incredible results.

  • Top-line revenue significantly increased
  • Local market reach is up 10x
  • Cost-per-acquisition costs are down
  • Improved reputation and search rankings
  • 21,226% increase in organic website visitors
  • 190+ Google reviews collected since launch of website

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