Last updated: 26 July, 2023

Earnings disclaimer

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Projected Results/ROI Calculators Disclaimer

The information presented in this marketing calculator is based on data supplied by your team and typical scenarios. Please note that the results provided are estimates and may not precisely reflect the actual return on investment (ROI) achieved through Google Ads campaigns.

The calculator's calculations are based on certain assumptions and industry benchmarks, which may not fully capture the complexity and unique factors that influence advertising performance.

ROI figures can be influenced by various external factors, such as changes in market conditions, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies, which are beyond the scope of this calculator.

The presented ROI figures should not be considered as a guarantee of future performance or financial outcomes. Actual results may vary, and no assurances are made regarding the accuracy or reliability of the calculator's calculations.

It is essential to remember that Google Ads campaigns' success relies on numerous factors, including campaign settings, ad quality, target audience, bidding strategies, and website performance. As such, the calculator's estimates should be interpreted as general guidance rather than definitive predictions.

This calculator does not provide financial or investment advice. Users are advised to seek advice from qualified professionals or digital marketing experts to assess their unique advertising goals and create tailored strategies.

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