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Discover SEO opportunities to get more leads & customers for your business without spending tens of thousands of dollars on paid advertising.
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Yes, it's completely free — no credit card or payment of any kind required. The only catch? Your business needs to be already making over $25k per month.

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What's included?

Find opportunities to grow your service business with powerful SEO strategies.

Find opportunities to get more customers

Discover keywords that you should implement into your website.

Scope out what's working for your competitors

Shortcut your success by using proven content & strategies.

Reveal SEO issues preventing growth

See if there are issues holding your business back from growing online.
What's the catch?

The only catch to claiming this offer is that your business has to meet our minimum eligibility requirements and be one of the first three eligible businesses to contact us each month. Due to the time it takes to prepare these reports, we're only giving out three (3) SEO audits per month.

Is it possible to determine if SEO will actually work for my business?

SEO is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies available to businesses. If your business has high margins and services clients locally, SEO can be one of the most profitable marketing investments you ever make. You can use a free SEO calculator to determine profitability.

What are the minimum requirements to be eligible for this offer?

Your business needs to have high margins, operate under a service-based business model, and already be making over $25k per month to qualify for a complimentary SEO audit from The Falcon.

Does my business need a website to claim a free SEO audit from The Falcon?

An existing business website will be necessary to claim your SEO audit. However, your website doesn't need to be perfect (or completed). As long as you have a homepage up and running we will be able to uncover opportunities to bring your business SEO results.

Does the SEO audit cost anything to claim? Are there any hidden fees?

At this stage there are absolutely zero costs or hidden fees to claim your free SEO audit. You won't be asked to make a payment or enter your credit card details.

Will this free SEO audit actually help my business?

We guarantee that you will find value in your free SEO audit. The truth is that most business owners and entrepreneurs know that SEO can help their business but they're just not ready to take a leap of faith and give it a shot, especially when they're already getting customers through referrals or paid advertising. The reason we offer a limited number of audits each month to successful businesses is that we know just how valuable something like this is and when our audit uncovers an opportunity for our clients to make money, they will likely ask us to assist them. Our SEO audits offer a win-win service, with absolutely no risk to successful applicants.

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