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Put your service business at the top of search results for only the most profitable keywords and increase your monthly sales figures with expertly managed Google Ads campaigns.

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The Falcon is a local Google Ads Partner licensed in Australia.

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Generate new enquiries to your business and effortlessly convert leads into paying customers.

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Within a matter of weeks, we can pinpoint the keywords that truly generate new leads & drive sales.

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Based on estimated conversion rates and sales figures, we can help scale your Return on Investment.

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Common Questions

Will Google Ads work for my business?
More than likely yes — provided you have an established service business, ethical business model, clear sales processes, and the willingness to share basic numbers about your business.

Google Ads is a versatile platform suitable for businesses in almost any industry. It allows us to target specific audiences, showcase your business and services online, and drive high-intent customers to your website or lead generation funnels.

Through strategic keyword planning and landing page creation, we can tailor Google Ads campaigns to align with your business goals, helping to deliver a positive return on investment.
How much do I need to spend on Google Ads to generate a profit?
During our initial consultation, we'll discuss your objectives and conduct a quick analysis using our exclusive result forecasting tools to recommend a budget that maximises results within your comfort zone. For smaller businesses, we suggest a minimum monthly budget of $1,000 for Google Ads. As we observe the initial results during the two to three months, adjustments can be made to the budget, allowing for budget increases or reductions to maximise cost-effectiveness.
How long does it take to see results from Google Ads when we work with The Falcon?
Typically, you can expect to see initial results within the first three to seven weeks as we fine-tune and optimise your campaigns. For more substantial, long-term success, we recommend funding a three to six-month period, allowing us to refine strategies, analyse data, and improve your campaign performance.
What do you need from us to create the initial advertising campaigns and landing pages?
To kickstart your advertising campaigns, we'll need a comprehensive understanding of your business, target audience, unique selling propositions, and any existing marketing materials such as marketing ready photos and videos (for use on the landing pages). Access to your website, analytics data, and insights into your sales funnel will also be valuable.

Collaboration and open communication are key, and our team will guide you through the process, ensuring the best campaign results possible.
How is your Google Ads service different from working with a cheaper agency?
At The Falcon, we're all about quality Google Ads that focus on long-term success in the form of new leads, customers, and sales.

Cheaper agencies might seem tempting, but they often cut corners on strategy and ongoing optimisation. We bring industry expertise with a client-centered approach, creating personalised campaigns, managing the campaigns weekly, and always looking for ways to improve.

We're transparent, communicate well, and are committed to getting you the best return on your advertising investment. The best part? We can often help you forecast results before you start.

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