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The Falcon

Our mission

The goal when we created The Falcon was the same as it is today: to work with successful business owners and generate the marketing results they actually care about.
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Many business owners believe that marketing can magically solve all their problems overnight.

The reality is, you need consistent cash flow, healthy profit margins, and the grit and determination to compete with the best even when things don't go to plan.

Most marketing agencies are full of shit and try to tell you otherwise... a fact you're probably already too familiar with. They chase social media followers and vanity metrics, while we're laser-focused on delivering tangible results—new qualified leads, sales opportunities, and repeat customers that help increase your returns.

Many agencies struggle to cater to service-based businesses like yours. Most of them are spread too thin, only employ juniors fresh out of University, or cater to eCommerce clients. Their strategies often feel outdated or rely on "best practices" from marketing gurus who've never built their own businesses or even worked in a real business. They miss the mark in understanding the intricacies of your business and fail to prioritise the results you genuinely care about.

We've successfully advised hundreds of clients and managed advertising campaigns that have raked in millions in sales on the back-end in industries like solar, property, finance, you name it...

Forget about rankings, TikTok views, Instagram likes, colorful charts, or traffic. Our focus is on delivering new qualified leads and sales opportunities for your sales team—results that directly translate into new sales for your business.

We know you want new sales and you need beat your local competitors.

Our entire agency is crafted with this objective in mind, making us exceptionally effective at what we do. From our operational methods to the inclusions in our marketing packages, we're not here to bill you for busy work; we're here to help you get new deals and buy your time back.

Let our team do the work and we can all win.

We do things a little differently

We will refuse to start your marketing project unless the numbers work.

See exactly what success looks like

Plug your numbers into our exclusive marketing viability and forecasting tools to see your projected returns based on different scenarios.

Proactive marketing advisory

Instead of fixating on just lead costs, The Falcon helps fix your marketing systems, which lead to easier lead generation and more closed deals.

Stop the guessing game

Our optional software and sales tracking techniques allow you to see exactly what is generating profitable sales for your business.

Why work with our team?

Our team have produced hundreds of successful projects for other clients meaning we're able to often offer you better marketing results, expert guidance, and solutions.
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Our services increase sales

Find the right marketing channels to increase your revenue, reach new customers and drive traffic and leads to your website.

See how much you're making

Stop wondering if the results you're getting are good. We can help you see exactly what you're getting in return for your investment.

We handle (almost) everything

From helping you choose a package to generating the results, our professional team and vetted partners will handle it.

Leverage our proven funnels

With experience managing six figure advertising budgets for clients, we know exactly what lead gen funnels work.

Access our forecasting tools

Imagine if you knew exactly how many leads you required to hit your sales goals. Well, we can help you do exactly that.

Track & optimise performance

Go beyond just tracking calls and website forms. Leverage our reporting software that instantly shows what's converting.

Our values

We're risk takers

We're not afraid to give new ideas a go.


When things don't go as expected, we push on.

Results aligned

We help you get more of the results that you want.


You get access to everything.

Get more leads and sales

Join the 147+ businesses in Australia that already trust The Falcon with their digital marketing.

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First-class results

We're 100% comitted to your business and your success with acquiring new customers.


Optimise your company's messaging, visual branding, and offer.


Capture new customers online and rapidly expand your client list


Remove the fluff and focus on what metrics make you more money.

Ready or more customers?

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