220% Increase in New Clients for Blow Bar Lane

Launching a brand new luxury hair salon and ranking it #1 on Google within months.


  1. High Booking Rate:
    The salon consistently operates at 90% capacity, with peak days reaching 110%, indicating successful branding and local marketing efforts.
  2. Price Increase and Specialization:
    Blow Bar Lane managed to increase prices without negatively impacting bookings and specialised in higher-priced services, enhancing profit margins.
  3. Online Recognition:
    Achieved top-ranking status on Google for hair salons in Surfers Paradise, with 380+ positive reviews across platforms and a high-converting website.
  4. Media Attention:
    Received attention from various media outlets, including news channels, radio stations, and online publications, further boosting brand visibility and credibility.


This case study highlights Blow Bar Lane, a high-end hair salon situated in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, which grappled with low client retention due to its location and market saturation. Despite these challenges, the salon achieved notable success through strategic recommendations and implementations including:

  1. Consistent Revenue Growth:
    Despite challenges, Blow Bar Lane achieved an average revenue increase of over 20% annually since its inception, even through the pandemic.
  2. New Client Acquisition:
    With 90% of clients being new, the salon has successfully tapped into new leads consistently, overcoming the low client retention typical in tourist locations.
  3. Maximised Salon Capacity:
    The salon quickly reached its capacity in the first year, serving 3,400-3,800 clients annually.
  4. Effective Online Presence:
    Through SEO efforts, Blow Bar Lane ranks on the first page of Google for over 100 search queries, with 70% of traffic coming through organic search. The Google Business profile garners significant interactions and positive reviews.
  5. Efficiency Through Technology:
    By optimising software solutions, the salon saves approximately 5 hours per week, allowing for better focus on core activities.
The Falcon also assisted Blow Bar Lane with creating their logo, brand identity, and designing the interior of the salon.


  1. Brand Identity:
    Development of a unique brand identity to distinguish Blow Bar Lane in the saturated market.
  2. Professional Website and Content:
    A custom website showcasing services and unique value propositions, coupled with professional videography and photography, helped highlight the salon's quality.
  3. Local SEO and Strategic Ads:
    Local SEO efforts increased leads and reduced advertising costs in the long term. Strategic Facebook ad campaigns boosted brand awareness and managed sales effectively during slow periods.
The hair salon's website features beautiful videography and professional photography to attract high-end clientelle.
The Falcon worked closely with Blow Bar Lane's management to design a high-converting website to generate new online bookings and event registrations.
Each page of the website was designed to to meet the client's specifications and convert as many website visitors as possible.
Special event pages and limited time packages were put together to assist Blow Bar Lane with their online marketing strategy.

In summary, Blow Bar Lane's strategic approach to branding, online presence, and client management resulted in overcoming location challenges and establishing itself as a leading salon in its area.

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