How Golf Journeys Achieved a 226% Increase in New Clients

Investing in a new website pays big returns for one of Australia's fastest-growing golf travel companies.


  • Achieved a 226% increase in new clients.
  • Reduced landing page deployment time by 75%.
  • Saw a 3,059% increase in search engine traffic.
  • Experienced a 1,102% increase in new event registrations.

Over the past year, Golf Journeys has transformed into one of Australia's fastest-growing travel companies for golf lovers. Mark Hawley, the owner, knows this success didn't happen by chance. It's been a result of hard work and dedication from him and his team. They understand that the golf travel market is both profitable and competitive, with many established players vying for customers.

To stand out, Mark and his team focused on attracting new customers online and converting their website visitors into leads and paying clients. They aimed to establish a strong online presence locally and nationally. Mark believes that the journey for a customer begins the moment they find Golf Journeys online, so they focused on creating marketing materials and destination guides to make booking effortless.

"We basically smashed every goal we set and the website is a huge part of that." - Mark H, Golf Journeys


  • Competing in a tough, competitive niche market.
  • Facing well-established competitors.
  • Needing to increase the number of leads significantly.
  • Having a strict deadline to launch before travel restrictions were lifted.
  • Requiring an online booking system for unique events.
Golf Journeys continues to expand into lucrative international markets.


  • Designing and building a new website with a focus on generating leads.
  • Setting up marketing funnels and handling technical aspects like SEO campaigns.
  • Developing custom destination guides for major locations.
  • Creating lead generation funnels for each event.
  • Implementing an online booking system and payment processor.

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