Platinum Aquatics Achieved a 233% Increase in Leads

Using high-converting marketing strategies to launch a streamlined website and lead generation funnel


The transformation from the client's old website to the new one built by The Falcon's brought about a significant improvement in marketing performance for Platinum Aquatics. Platinum Aquatics now enjoys an oversupply of leads, with new pool builds booked six months in advance. Key results include:

  • 233% increase in organic leads
  • Improved online search engine visibility
  • New leads qualified in under 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Over 2 hours saved in admin per quote request
  • Sales pipeline filled six months in advance


When the owners of Platinum Aquatics approached us in late 2021, they were excited to learn that we could take charge of building their new website. During our initial discussions, we discovered a few underlying issues the team faced:

  1. The owners felt their website was outdated and difficult to find online. They believed it was the weakest link in their marketing efforts, resulting in poor performance and lack of results.
  2. Although people were visiting their original website, very few visitors turned into actual sales enquiries. Most of their business came from referrals and networking offline, limiting their online presence and potential.
  3. The traditional quoting process was costing the company significant money and time. Despite having a strong reputation, they spent a lot of effort quoting potential clients who were still exploring options and not ready to buy.
We worked closely with the Platinum Aquatics team to deliver a custom high-converting website to help increase the quantity of new leads the business gets annually


As experts in websites for service-based businesses with high-profit margins, The Falcon offered a unique methodology to improve Platinum Aquatics' online presence and returns. After explaining the process and potential outcomes, the Platinum Aquatics team fully embraced the solutions

  1. The Falcon team examined Platinum Aquatics' lead-to-sale process, identifying areas for improvement. They developed a custom lead generation quiz to automate lead qualification and streamline the sales pipeline.
  2. Collaborating with creative media partner Clik Visual, The Falcon upgraded Platinum Aquatics' website with stunning professional photos of their previous projects, enhancing their brand image and helping to attract higher-quality customers.
  3. Working closely with Platinum Aquatics, The Falcon simplified their service offerings and redesigned the website to improve user experience and search engine visibility, ensuring it appeared prominently in relevant online searches.
Brainstorming the lead generation funnel to capture leads and assist in the quoting process.

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