How Leadify Achieved a 417% Increase in Organic Leads

How Leadify revamped its website and service offerings to dominate Google search rankings.


Through a new business website and SEO campaign, Leadify was able to achieve the following results:

  • 417% increase in organic leads
  • Increased conversion rates up to 14.3%
  • 490k organic impressions on Google within 16 months
  • First-page Google rankings in Australia for critical keywords such as "buy leads", "buy solar leads", "buy auto loan leads," and more
  • Millions of dollars in additional revenue were generated through organic search


Leadify, formerly known as Cobra Digital, has emerged as one of Australia's foremost lead generation agencies over the past four years. What began as a small team of five has blossomed into a powerhouse of 19+ specialists, servicing over 130 clients across various industries. However, sustaining this growth posed significant challenges for owner Reuben Scheckter, particularly in the face of intense competition and the need for a steady stream of qualified leads.


  1. Leadify operated in a highly competitive market, requiring innovative strategies to stand out.
  2. Despite initial success, the company struggled with minimal organic traffic and limited visibility on search engines.
  3. Communicating the value proposition to potential clients was challenging due to the intricate nature of the services offered.


To address these challenges and unlock further growth potential, Leadify collaborated with members of The Falcon to implement a series of strategic initiatives:

  1. Leadify refined how its service offerings were shown online to better align with client needs and market demands.
  2. A comprehensive overhaul of the website was undertaken to enhance user experience and clearly communicate the value proposition.
  3. Strategic SEO campaigns were launched to improve organic search visibility and drive qualified leads.
  4. Tailored lead generation funnels were developed for Leadify to cater to specific client needs and preferences.


Through strategic collaboration and a commitment to innovation, Leadify successfully navigated challenges and achieved remarkable growth. By optimising its service offerings, enhancing online visibility, and focusing on targeted lead generation, the company not only expanded its client base but also solidified its position as a trailblazer in the lead generation landscape.

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