How Purnell Tyres Achieved Record Level Sales Figures

Building a new website and putting together a SEO strategy to increase local market share by 10x.


Thanks to The Falcon's work, Purnell Tyres saw some impressive changes. Their revenue shot up, they reached more local customers, and their advertising costs went down. Their reputation got a boost, too, with better search rankings and a flood of positive Google reviews. They also saw results such as:

  • Record sales figures
  • Significantly improved SEO rankings
  • 21,226% increase in organic website visitors
  • 10x increase in local marketshare within 12 months of launching the project


Before teaming up with The Falcon, Purnell Tyres faced some big hurdles in getting their name out there and attracting the right customers. They had trouble standing out in a crowded market and faced tough competition, both locally and online. Plus, they didn't have their own online store, which made things more complicated and ate into their profits. Communication with customers was time-consuming, and folks couldn't easily find basic info about the business or its services online. Marketing was also a headache, with lots of options but no clear path that didn't break the bank. And their branding was a bit all over the place, not matching up with the quality of their work and making it hard to attract top-tier clients.

Completely overhauled branding and marketing materials for Purnell Tyres


To tackle these marketing issues, Purnell Tyres decided to work with The Falcon. They wanted a slick new website to boost sales and in, along with a fresh logo and branding to give their image a much-needed upgrade.

Project Deliverables:

The Falcon delivered a custom website, revamped branding materials, and new marketing signage. They also spruced up Purnell Tyres' online presence with better Google listings and optimised product pages. And they added a handy tool to the website so customers could easily find the right wheels and tyres for their cars.

The new website facilitates online sales and in-store sales through a custom developed e-commerce functionality and product picker


In conclusion, the collaboration between Purnell Tyres and The Falcon proved to be a game-changer for the business. By addressing key challenges such as brand awareness, online presence, customer communication, and marketing effectiveness, The Falcon's expertise led to significant improvements in Purnell Tyres' performance. With a new website, revamped branding, and enhanced online visibility, Purnell Tyres saw remarkable results including increased revenue, expanded market reach, reduced advertising costs, improved reputation, and a surge in website traffic. This partnership not only helped Purnell Tyres overcome existing obstacles but also positioned them perfectly to capture new prospects online and direct them to making a purchase via the website or in-person at their physical shop.

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