How Souvlaki GR's Website Attracted 108,215 Visitors

Souvlaki GR's SEO campaign attracted 108,215 organic website visitors within 7 months.


  • The SEO campaign attracted 108,215 organic website visitors within the first 7 months.
  • Monthly organic website traffic increased by 58%.
  • Non-branded traffic increased by 1,497%.
  • "Near Me" searches surged by 1,780%, helping Souvlaki GR dominate local searches.

Additionally, The Falcon assisted in launching the brand's first drive-thru location, implemented billboards, in-store promotional items, overhauled menus, car wraps, and supported the launch of new stores with special marketing events to attract customers from day one.


Before teaming up with The Falcon, Souvlaki GR was facing several marketing issues:

  • Customers were having trouble finding the nearest Souvlaki GR store and their opening hours.
  • The franchise was struggling to stand out online due to tough competition (especially online delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats)
  • The company's old website was unreliable, often experiencing technical glitches and security issues.
  • There was no easy way to update menus at specific stores or promote special menu items.
  • Customers often saw outdated information on Google or were linked to the wrong page.
  • With new stores opening, the franchise needed a system to market each new location effectively and support their franchisees.
The Falcon officially kicked off the SEO campaign in September 2023 after completely overhauling Souvlaki GR's website and SEO strategy


To address these challenges and boost sales for each main Souvlaki GR location, the Melbourne based restaurant franchise partnered with The Falcon to develop a tailored business website and implement a SEO strategy to rival the brand’s biggest competitors online.

Our marketing team collaborated with the business owner to design a user-friendly website that would help both new customers and franchise owners find information effortlessly, place online orders for takeaway or pickup, and locate nearby Souvlaki GR shops. In addition to giving their online image a much-needed refresh, the website was equipped with an improved online ordering system that could accommodate in-person pickup orders or takeaway orders via Uber Eats or Doordash. A loyalty system was also integrated into the website to incentivise repeat purchases and increase revenue.

Working closely with members of Souvlaki GR management to identify profitable customer segments, The Falcon devised a robust and cost-effective 9-month SEO plan to enhance the brand's online presence and increase visibility on Google in key buying keywords in their respective locations.

The Falcon team even conducted on-site visits to rival franchises for competitor analysis. This research helped identify opportunities, such as promoting menu items appealing to gym and fitness enthusiasts. The website and menus were updated accordingly to highlight these options and clearly label items as Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, or Halal.

Using all of the data collected, a selection of valuable keywords on Google and other search engines was matched to various website pages based on user intent. This targeted approach aimed to deliver the right content to new or existing customers at the right time. Over 30 high-converting landing pages were created in collaboration with the marketing team and Souvlaki GR to target keywords likely to improve Google rankings and revenue.


In summary, Souvlaki GR's website attracted a massive 89,706 visitors in just 6 months, thanks to smart digital marketing efforts. By teaming up with The Falcon and improving their website and online visibility, Souvlaki GR managed to overcome tough competition on search engines and bring in new customers. This success shows the importance of using digital tools effectively to boost business in today's competitive market, even for brands heavily reliant on in-person sales.

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