Sam Brown

Co-Founder of The Falcon, Marketing Expert

‍Sam, a Co-Founder of The Falcon, heads SEO and Google Ads efforts at the agency. Formerly the Head of Growth at Leadify, one of Australia's premier lead generation agencies, he has worked on advertising campaigns that have generated millions in new backend revenue for clients operating in local service industries.


Years experience
Top Skills

Expertise and skills

Sam has managed well over $303k in Google Ads spending alone within the last 12 months. Specialising in creating effective campaigns and getting leads for service businesses, Sam holds seven certifications and a Marketing degree from Griffith Uni.

Marketing Strategy

Sam has worked with clients in finance, automotive, luxury real estate, local trades, and solar.

Lead Generation

He has worked on marketing projects responsible for generating 287,600+ leads.

Sam has been working with Leadify internally and now externally for over three years and has been a huge part of us more than doubling turnover every year since inception.

Reuben Scheckter • Owner, Leadify

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